Puberdagboek Carolien van Keeken

Produced at Submarine Amsterdam

Director: Samantha Williams

Animation for NTR Clipphanger 

Produced at Studio Pupil Amsterdam


Designs and animation for WZU Veluwe 

 ( Intern use, not online yet) 

Animation about the 'ordinary' and the new way of helping elderly people in care centers. 

Short version of 'Hunted'.

Animation (pigeon/elephant) for EndeMol Shine group.

In collaboration with Paula Vonhof.

Ode aan de boerenzwaluw.

Animation for 'Slimme vogels' 


Designs for Endemol ShineGroup.

 ( Intern use, not online yet) 

Look a like whiteboard animation in collaboration with Paula Vonhof. 

My graduation film Slinky

(Online soon)


Designs/sketches for Slinky


Animator for Droomvergunning (Permission to dream)  Documentary


for screenings and news!

Some of my animations i did at school


Animated Dog GIFs because i love dogs