Teenage Diayry - caroline van keeken

(directed by samantha williams)

 Directed for NTR


What causes arms, legs and feet to "Fall Asleep?"

Sketch/Ideas for my graduationfilm Slinky

Still frames 

Trailer of the film

Some animations i did at school

Droomvergunning (Permission to dream)  - Documentary


Six years ago, nine-year-old Fayaz fled Afganistan with his mother. After many rambles, he ended up in a refugee centre in Almere. But fayaz is not sure if he will still be in the netherlands the day after tomorrow. still, the young boy in this documentary keeps dreaming of a future as an animal keeper. a dream that starkly contrast with the hard reality of life as an asylum seeker.


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One dog a Day


 ♥ Analogue photography